‘Banaras is mystic’ a statement I have discarded over many years perhaps because I have experienced it too closely to find it mysterious. The galis and the ghats were the same over so many years. 
But this time when I visit the city which is the oldest in the world I find myself confessing Banaras is mystical beyond comprehension. The ghats do not appeal to me like they used to instead they now compel me to think about the cycle of life and death. It all started here and it will come to an end here. The galis no longer tempt me rather they ask me what do you possess today which will not be yours tomorrow. 

The wisdom I possess was rendered to me by others, the love I possess was inculcated in me by others, the body itself was created by a higher spirit and the soul I have within was never mine to own. 

The life I so tightly cling to everyday is passing away slowly from my grip.. Then why do I fear or feel apprehensive about life.. It will come a full circle one day.. The Ganga says it all : life starts with me and ends within too shall come to me one day. But till that day do not possess but surrender yourself to this universe..
Banaras IS leaves me pensive this time..such is the mystical force of this land..


Author: meremaverick

I am in constant search of myself...discovering life in between...

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